Uptown Saint John

Having a map that makes you feel like a local, even though you're a tourist.

Uptown Saint John came to us looking for something fresh and new. They weren’t happy with the previous map, finding the 3D rendering difficult to understand and congested. We pitched the idea of simple sells. With a simple and easy to use map we were able to showcase the city’s beautiful attractions and shops. Thrilled with the results Uptown Saint John immediately had us work on a few other graphic projects as well.

With tourism being such a huge part of the Uptown Saint John economy we knew the map had to be perfect. We worked with a local printer to create over 80,000 copies of the map as well as several blown up posters to have around the city. Try and not see a copy of the map walking around uptown, we dare you. ūüėČ

Pleased with the design of our map we were given¬†another task right away from Uptown Saint John with their Annual General Meeting booklet. Each year the organization compiles¬†statistics and achievements from the previous year to showcase to the public. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.


It was time for a new Uptown Map and we were in a real time crunch. ICS was really easy to work with and served as an extension of our marketing department. They handled everything from consultation, design, revisions and printing. Despite the detailed project and short timeframe, working with ICS was smooth and effortless. The project was completed on time and on budget. Feedback on the map has been very positive. We’re sure to work with ICS again!

–¬†Nancy Tissington, Executive Director at Uptown Saint John

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