When you have this many experts working in one store, we think it's important to flaunt them.

The Munro Goal

Munro’s has a unique opportunity – they aren’t your typical retail store. Being a three industry store, it’s important to have a staff that is more than just friendly but one that knows their stuff too.
Searching for brand awareness and consistency in their messaging, ICS worked with Munro  to sky rocket their online marketing presence.

Their Digital Presence

Munro’s now has a site that is both mobile and tablet friendly with a custom online store complete with call to actions through pop up email sign ups and coupon codes. Beyond the website, Munro’s has integrated monthly newsletters with specials and video tips from their in store experts creating online buzz and expanding their profile from local to a national level.

An In Your Face Brand

Coming from a business that has been around for over 25 years it was important to be noticed often and in a big way.  ICS helped created weekly newspaper ads in various cities across the province, bus ads and billboards around the Saint John area and a car wrap for their company vehicle.


Sitting down with ICS and actually coming up with a marketing plan to have in writing was long over due for us, we are now seeing growth in our sales at a time when other companies are seeing a decline. I’m excited about our work and where things are going with the ideas that have been incorporated in our business strategy.

– Paul Palmer, Owner  Munros

The Big Picture

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