Handworks digital presence is ready for a gallery.

Handworks Gallery has been a staple in Uptown Saint John for years. Their core business is revolving around artists. We took this to the next level with each artist having their own personal profile and personal shopping portal. Purchasing the art is now just as easy as it is viewing it.  Along with the site being fully responsive we helped make Handworks stand out from the competition.

User experience was top priority for Handworks. They wanted each piece of art to not lose its appeal which can happen easily with online stores. By using high resolution photos, screen filing images to show all details and even linking to a virtual room planner where you can see how the painting fits in your home. This was a team effort that turned out fantastic.

With new items being added daily by the staff, we felt that data collection was important. With a non-intrusive email pop-up offering benefits to join the Handworks list we have seen their email distribution list increase by over 200%.


We had the pleasure of working with ICS in an major re-hauling of our website.  We literally took it to the bones and rebuilt.  The communication with the team at ICS was fantastic, we kept a keen eye on activity through their basecamp application (which kept everyone up-to-date and on deadlines) and created a beautiful website that encompasses ecommerce, a video component and all the other bells and whistles we were looking for.  Our project wasn’t  easy, with a number of ears and eyes to pass through approval on every phase but we got there!

Thanks ICS.  We love our new site!

Patricia Gallagher 
Gallery Manager

The Big Picture

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