Go Deep International

Specializing in Navigation is Go Deep's focus. We helped navigate them to a world class brand.

Go Deep International is a leader in their industry, however their branding was lost and they weren’t sure where to begin to get things right. We took their branding from zero to hero and now they are leading the way with a world class presence with multiple responsive websites for their markets, an in-depth marketing strategy and branding document, branded social media platforms and an on-going SEO and Adwords program.

Branding was a huge part of this project. The company did not have a look they were pleased with. We created a brand, starting with their company logos, business cards, and a branding document covering all of the guidelines a business should have.


Go Deep has been seen as an leader in their industry but having a inefficient website with no information on their superior products or even an idea of what the products looked like made their job a lot harder than it needed to be. Having three main sectors we worked out a sitemap that works for the business a long with a friendly user face to make the sales process easier for the client and customer.

Having a good product always makes sales easier. We wanted to make it EVEN easier for Go Deep by setting up a funnel through contact forms leading to various lists for follow up leads and closing sales. This has helped them gain more sales by spending less time. Win, win!


We chose ICS to design and build a new website for each of our distinct business units – Aids to Navigation, Shellfish Aquaculture and Trap Buoys. ICS came with a great reputation and they did not disappoint. Our websites have been successfully launched and our customers are impressed with the ease of use and contemporary design. Due to this success, we’ve chosen ICS as our provider of ongoing web and creative services.

Mark Burnett – Marketing Coordinator

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