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Harrison Teed owns one of the coolest shops in Saint John. Pristine carries all the goods! They help keep you looking fresh in all the newest trends. Pristine is located on King street and when you walk in, the crew is experienced, in the know and incredibly helpful. Pristine, essentially is a lifestyle shop providing an exclusive shopping experience with high end lifestyle fashion in a creative setting, and man its a cool space.

I wanted to catch up with Harrison Teed owner of Pristine, check out the shop, get ” Pristine-d” and ask him about his thoughts on current momentum the city is harnessing and what keeps him propelling forward and doing great things.

Grab your headphones and tune in now:

1) What is your favorite record?

2) Tell us something random

3) 3 years ago when you started the business,  SJ def was a lot different for new companies than it even is today, what would you say you noticed in that time that maybe your noticing is easier for others?

4) What is the biggest impact  or opportunities you noticed since moving uptown?

5) What is your favorite aspect of running Pristine?

6) With all your experience and energy what goals do you have as a business owner in the next year?

7) What is your favorite mountain you have boarded on?

8) Any big Snow-cations this year?

9) In 2013, vs now in regards to website and social strategy what would you say made the most impact?

10) What do you want for your city?

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