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Me at the Civilized office in SJ and Derek at the LA office.

Derek Riedle is the founder and publisher of Civilized– A media company that speaks to motivated, productive adults who choose to enjoy cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. He founded Revolution Strategy, a strategic communications company in Saint John, he also owns Riedle Urban Spaces, and is the Executive Producer for Talons of Venice Entertainment, he also co created the tv series “Real Houses Of”,  showcasing the coolest homes in North America. Those of you that know Derek, know he is energetic, always moving around and doing neat things and those that don’t, this interview is for you.

➞Let’s Backtrack to November 2010, I was fresh out of college, and when Eastern College was located on prince William Street I would sit in class, and think about all the cool stuff they were creating next door and wondered how I could be part of that, and apply my own creativity in the world. So, when it came time for my field placement,  I asked him and his incredible wife Terri Macdonald Riedle,  for an Internship at Revolution Strategy doing admin and accounting work. I loved the creative energy and conceptualizing and projects I was given,  and results that stemmed from those efforts. I woke up stoked to see what a group of people could do for a business by having the skill set and creative space to make it possible. That is when I knew I loved content creation and wanted to dive into the importance of brand management.

My career choices changed at that point.  I enjoyed every moment working with that crew and I learned so much, and after the internship, I had a couple different jobs, but it has got me  to this point.  Knowing what energizes you, and helps others is pretty cool, and if you find something you like and want to dive into more, DO IT. It might be out of your field of study, or require extra time, people in the community might tell you it’s a bad idea, or to do something more stable, it can be a set back or advance, confusing and exciting,  but as long as you feel your creating value, and your energized, the rewards will be evident, so get out there and do cool shit.

I caught up with Derek via Google hangouts to see what he has been up to lately, Grab your headphones now! 

1) What is your favorite record?

2) Tell us something Random

3) As a business owner who primarily has ( had) business in Saint John, now that you have had both of your businesses in Canada and the US flourish, what would you say is the most prominent feature Saint john is showing when you come back? ( this can be reworded for sure)

4)Your a guy who knows the important of brand awareness, marketing, and creative content, with technology and all the social platforms, what has you most intrigued, and worried about business in the next few years?

5) Can you elaborate a bit more on the importance of staying true to your mission, word and goal as business owner? ( Need to reword this) But my thought is, not every business we launch is successful, sometimes it is, but like Civilized, it still has its struggles because of the content, so the importance of incredible brand management, providing insight is a must.

6)What steps did you take to get outside of NB?

7) What flops did you see happening with marketing Civilized?

8)What has been your most successful campaign so far?

9) Saint John as you know has had a lot of momentum over the past little bit compared to previous times, because you travel so frequently, is the vibe of the city changing every time you visit?

10) What has you most excited for Saint John right now?

11)If you could give advice to a young person in Saint John who may be sitting in school or feeling no motivation or zest for life, what would you say to them?

12) What are some of your personal goals?

13) Being a dual resident of both Saint John and LA, for Saint John, What do you want for your city and your businesses this year, and what do you want for it as a resident?

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Thank you to everyone for reading, and listening and sharing our audio series. Cheers

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